Your Homicidols Weekender #132

We made it! To what? To the gol-durned summer, ya jamokes! Oh man, I cannot express how good this makes me feel. For those outside of the United States: This weekend, which includes the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, is the semi-canonical start of summer; I happened to goose it a little bit extra for myself by taking time away from work yesterday, too. And oh was it glorious — with a warm breeze blowing and a DJ poorly mixing hip-hop and reggae, I had passable local beers with friends and ate way too much Mexican food. Over the next couple of days, I’ll be beautifying Maniac Mansion, hitting a beach, slow-cooking meat and unwinding as much as a person can. NOTHING CAN STOP ME.

This Weekender, which is a fine one, is incidentally a perfect one for a weekend like this. Even if you’re on the other side of the planet and are in fact preparing for winter, this liminal spot on the calendar is perfect for getting into the groove that’ll power idol forward over the next few months, through TIF and beyond.

So let’s commence. Prepare yourself for the kinds of little joys that come only a few times per year, when the confluence of life cycles is just right. Go play the Fun, then delve into this idol stuff, and for the love of all things holy don’t do anything that you don’t need to.

Some of Us Have to Work, You Jerk!

Yep, NEO JAPONISM is officially on hiatus now:

Not getting into the reasons why, which are predictable and sometimes stupid

At least they left us with a final live video of the classic lineup:

If you remember when we were lucky enough to re-publish The Idol Suicides, this piece going around will give you a completely new perspective on the idol business:

Monster of Dolls, take two:

Malcolm Mask McLaren have a new single on the way; I almost wish that they hadn’t previewed it with this!

A little bit late here, but Task have Fun is a very good reason to go to Paris:

And Koutei Camera Girl Drei is a good reason to go to … well, Canada:

Another clip of the new one from Osaka Shunkashuto:

A neat self-intro by Okinawa Electric Girl Saya:

Look at this awesome Band ja Naimon! performance:

I wanted to include this little clip of AIBECK because I was thinking of them and went and noticed how well they’re doing, and it made me feel really happy for them, especially An’z:

What the hell, SOZELICA!

Excellent fan art:

The shaking camera makes this Re:PiGU live even better:

I was excited as hell when avandoned tweeted this out, but it “only” features a couple of members and isn’t theirs actually:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is sugartrap / Harami no Jan, who actually had their dissolution live a few weeks ago, but I just realized that and want to do them tribute, but not too much tribute:

Good final gig then

Part of the reason that I let this slip (I was once upon a time a major sugartrap mark) is that the official Twitter has been non-silent, for instance promoting this DVD:

But also now (and this is what got my attention) NANA took over the account to tweet about her vacation in Korea? I dunno:

Sugartrap was really good but perpetually underappreciated and undersupported. Sad, but normal. Say lavee.

Again, milcboy is best boy:

Awesome FRUITPOCHETTE drum play-through!

It’s not the most related to anything really; I just love this promo:

I also love how the sights and sounds of this EMPiRE promo could easily be mistaken for BiSH:

jk I don’t like that at all

I almost completely forgot about this new one from Marionet, who I love, but the delay felt insulting by the time I got to it, so:

Never did get a chance to post about TeroRhythm, I don’t think, but speaking of terribly named idols, also they’re LEIWAN now, which is much better:

It’s almost unbelievable that isn’t just still going, but still this far ahead of any kind of curve:

For those of you who had the good sense to get into Fullfull Pocket:

You gotta at least give LADYBABY points for moxie with this tour title:

Here’s LAST IN MY CULT still doing their thing despite everything else:

A very important question:

Have a great weekend!