Your Homicidols Weekender #128

Welcome back! Did you have a good week? Ol’ Maniac is proud to report that I just wrapped up one of the most manic month-long stretches of my life, and when the clock hit closing time yesterday and I packed up for home without the company computer in my bag and no obligations looming for the next couple of days, it was immensely liberating.

And idol! We’re right at the cusp of what’s usually an absolutely delicious time to be in this scene. I feel badly that I have neither kept up with nor attempted to keep up with the debuts this year, but yeah, this is often a time frame for that, and also when the nice spring/summer release season heats up. I’m fairly eagerly awaiting some (hopefully) good things, and feeling genuinely optimistic. I just wish that I had more time to devote!

So, my friends, take this opportunity to do nothing but what you want, enjoy some idol goodness, play the Fun, and may the sun never stop shining.

This Optimism Must Stop

Here’s a whole WILL-O’ live:

Twitter was a mistake, but it did give us Hanako-san:

I couldn’t remember if I’d shared this from Re:PiGU, so it’s here even if it’s old:

Beloved two-time Corenament champions Minna no Kodomo-chan have their first crowdfunded effort available … but only if you’re cool enough! Otherwise wait til Wednesday:

Still seeking this mikicco EP:

Huh. Sakura Yuki, ex of the Alice Project, got herself elected to some municipal body:

I couldn’t in good faith make a whole post out of this new one from IVOLVE, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good!

Devil ANTHEM keeps posting ’em, I keep sharing ’em:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is cana÷biss , who I’m not sure if I’ve ever blogged a whole post about, that’s okay, they’re good and cool and you might like them, even if just for their name! We’re a week into this MV’s existence, but I hadn’t called it out before, so here:

And then they turned around and dropped this handy little track:

It’s for this single!

Go get it if you like it!

Check out my dude’s work on this Yanakoto Sotto Mute profile:

Almost makes me want to update the profiles on my own site that I haven’t touched in almost three years!

Because I had a better Idol in Focus, just have these two live Malcolm Mask McLaren videos without additional context or anything:

Ai will always be my sneaky all-time chika favorite

Get your Candy GO!GO! on:

Another one from CY8ER:

I dunno, man:

Have a great weekend!