Your Homicidols Weekender #126

Welcome back to the weekend, gang! Yours truly had a week for the record books, and not totally in a good way. Went to a show that was 2/3 really great, had a meal that should have been far greater than it was, had a little sick, accomplished some things and … did nothing idol-wise, it seemed! It’s not like there was all that much to talk about, though, you know? And I do have some things that I’ve been meaning to cover and just haven’t. It’s kind of annoying!

And yet this turned out to be a pretty okay Weekender. Not the most robust ever, but I hope you dig it. We did have a little error yesterday, so the Fun, which I normally admonish you to play at about this point of the intro, I’m instead telling you to play today, because it’s going to publish in a little while and be a weekend thing.

And why not? Spring is in the air, life is returned to us — let’s just have fun with it.

What a Philosophy

BILLIE IDLE finally released the “BULLY IDOL” single:

This is kind of old now, but NO MARK has a new single coming in June, and what sounds like a new angle:

I don’t always see clips of Parasite Kiss, but when I do, I post them in the Weekender:

We have found a purpose for WAgg:

ZOC will, at last, put out a record:

I give you the mishmash because I like you:

Not gonna lie, I really want this Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da DVD:

Which, by the way, will be the last that we’ll see of Togare:

Enjoy this Under Beasty:

ICYMI, this is about the new BURST GIRLS album, it’s very exciting:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus in Hanako-san, for while everybody heading to the Indie, Idol & Infamous tour next week has been pimping their merch, everybody’s favorite blood-soaked undead toilet demon girl has the best stuff by far:

Also, she’s on the Gram now, help us all:

And has impeccable headbanging form:

Give me a reason to stop with the Desu.Rabbits stuff:

Oh hell yes, fresh NEMLESSS EP:

At last, Codomomental’s idol latest got my attention a little bit:

Do enjoy 969 and their band:

Reminder of this crowdfunding campaign for APOKALIPPPS:

Whatever Himari is doing:

Have a great weekend!

I’m so sorry

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