Your Homicidols Weekender #124

Good morning, and a very happy Saturday to you! I hope that everybody had a good week — idol certainly did, and between this and all the rest of the posts and of course the Corenament, it’s like we barely scratched the surface. It’s a good time of year.

Of course, this is 2019, so the run of absolutely gut-punching graduations continues to mock and dismay us. Honestly, who’s even next? Papermaiden mentioned in the Team chat the other day that Yotsu from Zenkimi would be the next according to how things have gone in her list of favorites, and you talk about a sucker punch, that’s what Yotsu’s graduation would be like. Aina. Any of several Mashir/los. Beni. Ano. The Goddess Among Us that we’re allowed to call First Summer Uika. No, please, thanks.

Anyway, let’s focus on the good stuff. The Fun, for instance, is a very good fun! Also the Corenament, which I’ve decided to run for the Elite Eight today and tomorrow instead of just tomorrow, largely because it’s accurate and also because I’m lazy and also because traffic dips on the weekends, and far be it from me to not have lots of votes for something as important as the Elite Eight. Oh, and some other posts! It’ll be great!

Spring Does Not Suit You

You can get a couple of pre-downloads from PassCode’s new album:

Which is like pretty much moot because the thing is out in a couple of days, but still

You lucky kids in Japan get to pick up the venue-only re-recording from NECRONOMIDOL:

Minna no Kodomochan just remembered to digitally release their cancer single.


Getting in super late on this Q&A thing with Io:

It really, really makes me feel lots of negative things that Maro’s leaving Kaqriyo Terror Architect to treat her eating disorder:

I like how Devil ANTHEM did their best amiinA impersonation for this one:

You might dig this new wyenra song:

Proof, like you need it, that Q’ulle is cool af:

Dig on this 143:

With a little Full Power Girls R from the same gig:

I give you live uijin as well:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is none other than YONEKO, who, for one thing:

But also:


It’s been a while since the last dedicated Himegami CRISIS post, so I thought you might enjoy this dance clip:

If you ever found yourself wondering what one of Maniac’s favorite all-time idols was up to nowadays, here you go:

Melon Batake a go go out looking for new members?

Here’s a little more live Honey Emperor:

And in case you needed any convincing re: the mishmash:

Everybody should attend via YouTube one of these Yajima Mai lives!

I leave you with Lein:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kaqriyo Terror Architect seems to be absolutely cursed this year.

    GuGu LuLu dropped a new video and song but it is not as good as Caution though very few things are.

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