Your Homicidols Weekender #120

Hello friends! Welcome back to what I hope can be not just a normal, productive, relaxing Saturday, but idol in abundance. That was a pretty good week! At least at the end. On Wednesday, I was cursing gods of goodness and hope and spitting at their feeble offerings of succor; by yesterday, I felt like my cup runneth over. So it goes.

So this is a good Weekender, the best in a while, and I hope you find something interesting in it. It’s still not as long as the best every done, but this is because I’m holding a good bit of stuff for actual posts. Get back into the swing, you know? The Fun, which Kerrie hilariously lost track of until the last minute and then threw into the world on a wing and a prayer, turned out to be unexpectedly hilarious, so go play that for a few, too. All in all, enjoy.

It Feels Like Things Are Better

When APOKALIPPPS goes metal af:

They’re also crowdfunding in a really poorly defined way!

Haven’t posted about WEAR since that ill-advised MV a while back; now they’re down a member!

The first Shidare-less release from Not Secured, Loose Ends will be this as-yet-untitled single:

Details and trailer for PassCode’s live DVD:

And DVD from REGiNA KiSS:

CY8ER has graduated from me being able to follow them well:

In case you weren’t sure of it, we will in fact get another MV from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

A very special greeting from Broken By The Scream:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is MIGMA SHELTER, who came back from the brink of extinction with four new members:

And a new song!

So much for my theory that the dismantling of TTTs was going to be a massive injection of talent into Migma! Good for them, though.

And in kind of a bonus Focus, here’s sora tob sakana and a trailer for their tour …

… which will look a lot like this!

yandoll is one of the strangest groups to try to follow:

What the heck is this?

Yes, that’s very old

While Kaishin no Ichigeki continue to re-rev their engines, their anniversary one-man is quickly approaching:

I hope it’s as nice as Toricago got:

Such a nice slow jam from Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

So I was originally going to share this around Valentine’s Day and now it’s nowhere near that anymore, but here’s Niji no Conquistador doing something that I hope you dig:

Have a great weekend!

This thing of Seiko’s is the gift that keeps on giving

Always and forever the far more interesting Knowles

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  1. Yep. 2019 has been brutal so far on the graduation/disbandment front. Rhymeberry is done at the end of May. So that is another long running act gone.

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