Your Homicidols Weekender #115

Happy Saturday! Did everybody have a less traumatic week than the last few? I hope so. I had a typical one, one that began with an agenda and ended in a frenzied spree of updates, requests and IOUs to buy time to do the things that I planned to do and didn’t. Never work in this town!

It was a good week for digging into idol, though. We got fresh stuff from old favorites, connected with potential new ones, got some relieving updates about things that seemed doomed, saw new members … it was like the month of March, but all at once. Of course there wasn’t anywhere near enough time to post about half of it, but that’s why Baby Jesus invented the Weekender.

I hope you guys get a kick out of it, and that you can help us continue to celebrate #YuraSmile on the occasion of Yurapico’s birthiversary. Even if not, there’s enough stuff in here to choke a horse, so have at it!

That Sounds Threatening

Who can’t relate?

If you know what’s good for you, go read this interview with Codomomental’s boss and idol boss:

And also within the family’s terrifying embrace, the first MV from Seireki 13ya:

Split single between 969 and SPARK SPEAKER

SPARK SPEAKER × 969、スプリット・シングル『ONE LIFE』タワレコ新宿店限定でリリース決定!2/3今池3STARにて開催の名古屋激ロックDJパーティーにも出演!

— 激ロック (@gekirock) January 25, 2019

Screaming Sixties are pirates now?

Free BiSH, of a sort:

From a big-ass one-man to a huge-ass outdoor solo set for Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

We really don’t see enough live LADYBABY:

Io like you’ve never seen her before!

Live digest from Odoro:

The new Kaqriyo Terror Architect single isn’t fooling around, is it?

Of course, this is now overshadowed by Nonamera having gone AWOL:

I’ll never not be happy about having Mina back, no matter how weird it is:

Now Wagamama Rakia’s all up on the streaming services:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Malcolm Mask McLaren because I like them and am glad to see more of them happening right now. Also, I was already going to show you these photos:

And then they released this live video:

So bully for us!

I have no idea what this Eggs thing is, but Minna no Kodomo-chan is on it:

Formerly PiGU, No Surprises will be releasing their first single at their first one-man:

Like this!

And speaking of, the new PiGU reunion duo is getting ready for their big re-debut less than a week after that!

Goddamn, YONEKO:

What beautiful chaos between uijin and THERE THERE THERES:

Ol’ WILL-O’ put together a neat year-in-review MV of sorts:

Aphrodite gains a member courtesy of de’Barrier who have been sitting in the drafts queue for several months now!

Bury, live, with a band, is good:

I feel like I’m missing details re: this uijin single:

Far be it from me to deny anybody Devil ANTHEM:

Penguins eat cephalopods, you know:

Have a great weekend!

The Homicidol spirit is strong with these ones

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