Your Homicidols Weekender #10

Christ on fire, can you believe that there have been 10 of these things now? Anyway, how fun is this idea? Brother and I have been kicking around this idea called “powerslam,” which in its original iteration would be slam death metal combined with power metal, with a pro wrestling theme; following a conversation the other day, we’ve decided that we should also include powerviolence and slam poetry. Magnificence. Russell Simmons would love it. Our version of crashing the Emmys would be to hit the stage as a band and put the winner of Best Whatever through a table.

What a Week!

You know how I know that there’s no justice in the world? Well, it’s the fact that there’s no justice in the world. But besides that, the goddamn miracle that is Especia is calling it quits at the end of March:

I hate everything.

Fruitpochette has a goal:

I’m glad that they said that, and I hope that they get there, but man, I can’t believe that’s the highest they can reach after four-plus years of being a thing. I guess there’s a lot of wind to get back into those sails.

Fans of EdgeDubMonkeyz, I recommend finding another thing to be a fan of:

It’s impossible to catch up with every interesting idol before the inevitable end of a project, but it’s rare that you first encounter somebody with their farewell tweet. This is “Moon Night Diva” (or something like that, Luna’ula). Her final stage was Sunday. Oops.

She can join the HATEGLEAM members in Idol Heaven

Have I ever mentioned that you aren’t allowed to dislike amiinA?

What the hell is going on with these dance videos by Nana from Sugartrap?

The songs are also a reminder that anybody who claims to dislike J-pop is a terrible liar.

petit pas! is dead and gone (and Alloy!), but there’s going to be a joint reunion show with BPM15Q in two more Thursdays. That’s … that’s pretty neat, actually. Maybe the various hatchets have been buried enough.

AKB48 is like an amoeba, constantly spreading out and colonizing and devouring all in its path, even going abroad in its quest for domination. Their latest thing, though, I swear they’re just fucking with us:

Yep. The theater’s on a boat

Cutie Corpse! Or, more specifically, Cutie Corpse Beyond! The project with a single idol hanging on for dear life is now a duo, and they’re still shopping for members while getting out for some appearances:

I remember being overjoyed that they didn’t totally suck back a year and change ago when they debuted, but then the whole thing fell apart faster than I could lose interest, anyway, and here they be again. Good luck to you!

Airi, the new leader of DISDOL, gave this interview about their new HARERUYA album. It’s an interview that I wanted to do something with (being a fan of DISDOL and all), but poor Phillter’s exhausted and I’m not a total monster:

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? I always think about it, and then I remember that I have zero impulse control and disciplining myself enough to get out of bed most days is a challenge, so maybe keep the goals modest. Anyway, it’s been almost a year since Shion left Guso Drop (and it’s nice that they can be friends again), and she made a resolution to make music this year. Unfortunately for us, she did so and then immediately locked her Twitter account (so she can update, and followers can interact with her, but no sharing of anything); when she has something she’s comfortable sharing, we’ll know.

While BiS was busy releasing new material the other day, Ten Tenko was doing the same (literally happening at the same time, probably coincidental). The best part about Tenten? She ran out of fucks to give years ago and is really just doing what she wants:

And after that, I could stand for a little ol’ fashioned brutality.

Have as violent a weekend as possible, amigos!

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  1. So, kinda off-topic but you mentioned AKB-48 and pro-wrestling so I feel justified. Did you know that AKB-48’s latest drama is pro-wrestling themed? The first episode aired today, and they had a series of videos showing their training. Worth a watch if you like seeing hilariously beautiful girls throw each other around in skimpy outfits.

    They called it World Idol Pro-wrestling but I doubt they’ll be letting Gusodrop turn up and go nuts.

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