Your Homicidols Weekender #23

Hey gang! Have you had a good time with the Friday Fun? It’s been surprisingly kind of slow around these parts lately, huh? We should expect that some big names will drop good material on us soon, though, and make some big announcements. I’m also toying with doing something for Golden Week (all concepts so far = bad), and bringing in a feature from a certain now-dead website that sort of influences things over here, that with some community input.

Otherwise, hell, there’s some newer stuff that I’ll try to spread out, but let’s hope that cool new videos and the like start to surface.

Besides That Crap, What Happened This Week?

Idols appreciate idols. Like Guso Drop and the World Standard:

Have you all met Go Go Going Now yet? Why not get acquainted here, and get into an argument if you want!

milcboy, part of codomomental’s non-idol stable, released a new MV that again features a bunch of familiar faces:

Would you please take a few minutes for this Dots video?

The poor girls can’t sing to save their lives, but I’ll be damned if that isn’t a hell of a performance.

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Have you seen Garry’s how-to on traveling to Japan?

Or the non-idol quarterly look back?

Tell me that you wouldn’t want to be at this show:

There is life after idol! And sometimes that means going right back into idol! So if you remember, Cream n’ Chrome was briefly a thing well over a year ago now; they were suddenly and unexpectedly broken up despite showing at least as much promise as half of the units that ever debut. Phillter was their #1 fan, and he was positively gleeful in letting me know that his C&C oshi was involved in a new project:

I never did get around to making more out of this translated interview of Ayuni D, but you should definitely give it a spin and give Plain Sugar Subs a follow while you’re at it:

Alloy just wrapped up their studio sessions:

As an aside, one of my favorite idol things ever was when Haloperi Doll did that live stream of their studio work. It was a disaster!

You guys do know that Jim is a bona fide punk rocker, right?

I don’t know what this is, but I love the little motto:

This, I just plain don’t get it:

MAINA remains an international treasure:

Some things never get old:

Enjoy your weekend at least as much as I enjoyed this!

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  1. Also: Devil ANTHEM. just released their first album “Fever” and it’s awesome! Including all their singles, B-sides and other popular songs from their shows. You can listen to it on Spotify!

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