Your Homicidols Weekend #113

Good morning! How’s winter going for you guys who don’t live on the planet’s underside or somewhere in the tropics? It finally really set in here in the past week, so it’s cold and going to snow and I couldn’t be happier. Yeah, it makes it hard to do enjoyable outdoor things, it can be hazardous to life and limb and all the jazz, but man, I’m a person who just plain needs the turns of the seasons to be happy. This is the time of year to blast some black metal and contemplate mortality as our ancestors did of old (well, minus the black metal part), to get philosophical and weird. I’m sure that I’m going to be very fun to be around in the coming weeks!

This week in idol sucked. Period. I don’t just mean the graduations (but also the graduations) — unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard by now about an assault scandal that’s really rocking, well, everybody. More on that to come, mostly just to sum up. The fact remains, bad week. Like, emotionally bad. Did stuff happen, though? It did, and I think I got about half of it in as round and enjoyable a summary as could be managed. I’ll be damned if somebody’d be like, Weekender? More like Weakender!

Anyway, unless you’re tremendously busy today, sit down and have a cup of something warm, play the Fun and get into this look back.

How Old Are You, Anyway?

Read what you will into this video greeting from BURST GIRL by Chaotic Harmony!

You want to see the most beautifully chika thing you’ll see all day?

I defy anybody to not get into this new one from FunFunFun:

Some live 143, ya dig:

Who’s rooting for chicken!

You may have seen that GANG PARADE is getting a true major debut:

Dig on this interview with Mayumura Chiaki:

A whole ton of live BiS, both halves!

Here’s my girl Sakohata Aya doing her thing:

Husky is seeking new members:

Here’s a (cool, long) feature on Yuni from WILL-O’:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Shihatsumachi Underground, who announced the release of their first album, but also a graduation:

Spoken word:

We all need to do better to pay attention to Shihatsumachi Underground, you guys. They’re good.

So EMPiRE is shilling lighters now?

What Kerrie hath wrought:

Sources say that I failed to properly hype up this new one from Koutei Camera Girl Drei, shame:

Also a shame that Ramy’s graduating!

Absolutely no time being wasted by raymay:

Has there ever been an idol thing as cursed as Hakuchumu project? Survey says no:

A good time had by all in the BYS reunion between Pour Lui and UK (and child!), now the boss of Kimi no Mawari:

I usually prefer to do AIBECK live in video form, but this works too!

This is how a queen says goodbye:

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekend #113

  1. Nothing on new Necroma debuting new members tomorrow, if google translate got the date right? I know the preview pic got buried under a flurry of show announcements.

    • Naw, I figured, that’ll take care of itself in due time. Trying to peg who might be who, and with the possibility of a swerve, it would’ve been a good discussion piece but nothing more.

      Now, tomorrow, hold on to your butts!

  2. This NGT48 charlie foxtrot is mind-bendingly horrific.

    Also – thanks for the Sari video. Somehow that eluded my Twitter client.

    • Yeah. I was trying to figure out what happened. It seemed like either management covered up the assault or the assault was directed at the poor girl by other members or both. I hope it is just the first option so my opinion of humanity doesn’t go further down the drain. Of course those options might be just Google translate being evil.

  3. I have commented on here in the past about the way idols can become dependent on fans and by extension the fans can use that to control the idols.

    If even half of the rumors around the NGT48 thing turns out to have even the slightest bit of truth to them it’s like a nightmare spiderweb vortex version of that…

    It’s already really really bad just from what is currently verifiable.

    And most interesting is the implication that the magazine that has a name for themselves for exposing things actually has a vested interest in keeping things in the shadows…

    • So from what I can gather from translated news sites and sites reporting in English.

      1) Maho Yamaguchi was ratting out other members to management that had their boyfriends over to the groups access controlled dorm breaking the rules.
      2) A shopkeeper sold the information of Maho’s address to a stalkerish fan.
      3) Another member of the group told the stalkerish fan when Maho would be returning to the dorm from work and provided access to the dorm.
      4)While being assaulted by fan #1 one of the members boyfriends came out a dorm room and assisted in the assault.
      5) Management covered it up as the police were unable to press charges due to no physical wounds(?). Management promised Maho that the offending members would be punished.
      6) No punishment was forthcoming so Maho went public on a streaming app whose feed was cut as she was describing the incident and those involved.
      7) Maho went to twitter to further go public. Maho was not at live events for the last month.
      8) At the third anniversary show Maho was made to apologize and the two persons who assaulted her were in the front row apparently (?!).

      Holy hell those are some messed up events. I don’t know what the workplace rules are in Japan but this is clearly a hostile work environment. I am not sure as management how you can’t blacklist two fans that assaulted one of your talents. Anyway, it seems that Maho needs to get out as soon as she can.

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