Your Homicidols Last Weekender #65

Hello friends! This is the lamest Weekender ever, because this past week was indeed a lame one; you know that things are slow when I start posting joke posts instead of real stuff, which both fortunately and un usually only happens when there’s not much of note happening. Also, I set this to publish on Saturday morning, and it didn’t happen, and then I basically disappeared for two days. Let’s see how dated it is by now! Cest la vie.


This Play Balls MV actually happened in time for the last Weekender, but I missed it; that’s some good, loud stuff!

143 had their debut, and it was good:

Red’s got a photobook?

In case you missed Io’s star turn on a Western br00tal breakdowns Facebook page:


I thought this one might be right up your collective alley:

It kills me that Lucifer’s management doesn’t allow for any video:

Attain Music has a new MV on the way, and also a fourth member, and may have dropped the panda thing along the way:

Photos of Malcolm Mask McLaren, courtesy of their shiny new Facebook page!

I’m sorry, but this is the most unironically idol MV I’ve seen in a long time:

Good lord, KOTO:

Ex-969er Inoue Yume is still at it, bless her:

More on When Marty Met BiSH:

Every person in music should hook up with VMO for at least one performance:

I feel like E-girls should be taxed as hard for this deceptive naming practice as Lady Gaga was for “Judas”:

C-Style vs. Screaming Sixties should be a pretty darn good time!

I don’t bring up Keyakizaka46 much, but they’re probably my favorite major … and have a new single on the way!

My heart broke a little bit:

That Wagamama Rakia record is going to contain a solo song by Minami:

Jazz idols? Sure. What about when Negicco goes calypso?

Have a loud weekend!

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  1. What?
    I know it’s not Idol but in every other way it meets the standard of your site and deserved a mention in the Weekender so here it is.

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