Your Homicidols Best of 2022

We did it! It took longer than usual this year but there was a LOT going on. In the end, you, as the Homicidols community:

  1. Survived the year (a very important step there)
  2. Sorted through more alt, indie and chika idol media than ever to nominate your favorites of 2022 (not an easy task), and
  3. Voted your hearts out. 

Here are your results.

The votes were close in almost every category (Surprise of the Year managed a straight-up tie), but in this year of the solo idol, more often than not, the soloists came out on top. The other noticeable trend for 2022 was, despite the emergence of dozens of new, high quality and highly talented new units, the old favorites held off the upstarts to take the major awards.

Without further ado, here are your Homicidols Best of 2022:

Surprise of the Year (Tie)

Tie: Nonamera rejoins KAQRIYOTERROR & BELLRING Girls Heart Reboots

Letdown of the Year

The NECROMA meltdown, version 2022.

Funniest (Non-PLANCKSTARS) Moment

When Hanako-san received an unsolicited pic of a fan’s privates, she turned it into an Instagram story featuring a tiny mushroom and an un-redacted user name.

Funniest PLANKSTARS Moment

Twitter wrung it’s collective, puritan hands because of the PLANCKSTARS contest where the member who sold the most tickets got a bike and the loser had to do porn. While the Twitterverse morally pontificated about the evils of idol,  the group that counts a monkey and a shiba inu (and a lake, temporarily) as members went forward with their controversial contest which the dog lost after making zero sales.

Saddest Disbandment

Yanakoto Sotto Mute

Saddest Graduation


Debut of the Year (Soloists and Members)


Debut of the Year (Group)


Best Friend of Homicidols

SARI repeats as Homicidols’ best friend and immortal queen.

Collaboration of the Year

NECRONOMIDOL and Yoko Hamasaki (Ulthar)

Overseas Act of the Year


Performance of the Year

Gyuno Fest

EP of the Year

nonamera, My Name Is…

Single of the Year

Best B-Side

MIGMA SHELTER repeats it’s achievement of 2021 by taking home the nods for both Best Single (Redo) and B-Side (Sunrise=Sunset).  They are the only artist to accomplish this feat and they have now done it in back-to-back years.

Best Promotional Art

KOSAME, The 8th Farewell

Music Video of the Year

Isiliel, Koumyou Kishi

Album of the Year

KAQRIYOTERROR, Ensemble Berserk

Most Likely to Breakthrough in 2023


Song of the Year


Idol of the Year