The Homicidols April Fools Day Round-Up 2024

Idol April Fools Day (aka Fox Day) is one of the biggest holidays on the idol calendar, up there with Idol Halloween and Idol X-Mas.  The amount of time, energy, and commitment that idols devote to their April Fools day pranks each year is always impressive. However, it can be difficult at times to tell an April Fools Day stunt from normal, everyday, Japanese idol insanity. For example, it may seem that, at first glance, this is a well executed comedic sketch by yosugala, except that salted fish roe sac, cherry blossom, and shrimp pizza is an actual real thing that people will apparently pay money for. Luckily, Homicidols is here to guide the unwary or overwhelmed idol fan through the events of April first and help sort fact from jesterly fiction.

Here are some of the best April Fools Day pranks that our favorite idols pulled off this year: 


We kick off our coverage with our prankster queens. Late Sunday evening, PLANCK STARS management announced that they had reached their limit due to recent slander and arrogant selfishness from the members and would be making an announcement at midnight.

First thing on April 1, that announcement dropped: PLANCK STARS would be leaving their agency, YABACUBE, officially changing their name to PRANK STARS, and joining mega idol-unit, HEROINES. The members would also be changing their names from:

  • Majikami☆Kanna to President Dubaineki
  • Anaru Rairai to Momoko the Yorkshire Terrier
  • Koharu Nushi to Satomi Pineapple
  • Mori to Kango Maru Oyako
  • Emma Chacha to PX 369 modified

Once their announcement receives 10,000 retweets, the unit will release the MV for their new song by producer Saburo Kitajima (best known as one of the granfathers of enka).

HEROINES then announced a call for groups to join their series of April 1st guerilla lives, inadvertently creating a legitimate opportunity for Plasta’s outlandish fiction to become reality.

UPDATE!!: It appears that all evidence of yesterday’s prank has been deleted, with management claiming that the PLANCK STARS Twitter account had been hijacked. Next year, I am taking screenshots…


At midnight on April 1, the power of spring transformed the idol world’s Queen of Darkness into a sparklingly bright Princess of Light!


MAD MEDiCiNE rebooted as orthodox rock unit DUD MEDiCiNE and dropped their new song “R.P.G.” with the theme: “Our no good game of life.”


The Ourageous Music Girls determined that they had reached their limits as rock idols and, since cute things sell better than cool things, decided to be reborn as a sparkling, Royal Road idol unit named, O-Emuji! The members, who also changed their names, gave these comments:

  • NARUANGO -> Oh-i-ngo: “I want to go beyond the limits of Alaska”.
  • UNI -> Nekomata Uniya: “I wanted to be a cat, didn’t I?
  • SAKI -> Sakiba: “I always wanted to show my true self.
  • XIU -> Shiu kurimu: “Cream puffs are not my favorite food.”
  • COHAL -> Koi-Usagi Haru: “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”


LADYBABY rebooted as a four-piece rock band. They sound like the punk band I was in back in high school.

Shihatsu-Machi Underground

The members of Shihatsu-Machi Underground decided to ditch being idols and will each open their own restaurant instead. Asumi will open a sushi establishment while Murata will run a pizza place. Mona will be serving fried chicken, and Bun Bun will open a noodle joint.


X!DENT went from ultra-dark to super kawaiii as Fairy Dust.


LIEWAN released a trailer for their new high school bishoujo game.


Mercuro rebranded as Magokyo 666 (“Demon Madness 666”), “starring dancing with the devil.” Their debut track is fire.

Super Macaroni Salad

Super Macaroni Salad ceased activities as an idol group and will perform instead as a hard rock band called SPMC.

Quubi & YOLOZ

Quubi merged with YOLOZ as a new unit named Infinity Fox. I would be perfectly fine with this becoming a permanent thing.


NANIMONO is branching out into children’s educational programming with a weekly show on YouTube Kids.


Chick-flick adopted a wedding theme (which, I guess, makes their impending disbandment a divorce).

Owaranaide, yoru

Owaranaide, yoru changed their concept from “Never Ending Night”  to “Tea Time in the Afternoon.”


EMPATHY changed to a “Miracle Pyon Pyon Princess”-themed unit named USAGI

Zessei no Imperial Collection

Zessei no Imperial Collection rebooted as Peerless Don ☆ Perignon : “A bar where peerless beauties gather.”

Clara Maguro

Clara Maguro also decided to go the Royal Road route as Kurara ♡ Magura and dropped a new single.


Verotica rebooted as gyaru group Maㄘ”no°nee ★ ageha.

Condensed Milk Toothpaste Club

Last year, Yabacube debuted the April Eye Drop Neighborhood Association on April 1 and we haven’t heard from them since. This year, they introduced us to the Condensed Milk Toothpaste Club whose members seem to consist entirely of maids from Yabacube’s cafe.

Happy April Fools Day!!

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