Your Homicidol Weekender #3

The event in question happened well over a month ago now, but TGU just released this photo journal of the Gyu-no Fes in Tochigi, which featured quite a few of our favorites and honestly looks like it was a completely awesome time. This Gyuzo cat is something else.

Did you happen to see that Babymetal is on the cover of Kerrang!?

And touring with Guns N’ Roses?

And up for Metal Song of the Year?

And Su-metal is up for Rock Goddess or some such?

You may have missed these details, see. This is the kind of info that you can only get from!

As if you needed any additional proof that Especia is a goddamn miracle, they dropped a short image video for “Danger” on Wednesday:

To celebrate their second anniversary, Devil ANTHEM will be holding a one-man on Dec. 28. For reasons that escape all the bounds of reason, it’s going to be called “Easter.”

Yeah, but they’re adorable, so whatever

Party Rockets GT, the very reason the word “kawaiicore” was ever something I typed, have a one-man coming up on the 18th, and they’re priming that pump by Tweeting out a live video of theirs every day. As if anybody needed convincing! Still, it’s a good opportunity to bust out the #DailyPartyRockets hashtag again; if you feel like it, just RT what they put out (it’ll be a video!) with #DailyPartyRockets and #パティロケ in the message. I bet they’ll get a kick out of the attention.

Remember iCON DOLL LOUNGE? The fashion+music idol showcase? Their winter show is next weekend, and Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, GANG PARADE and Maneki Kecak are booked for the show:

Have a great weekend.

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