Your Homicidol Weekender #13

A somber note to start this edition of the Weekender, as you’re probably aware that Matsuno Rina of Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku passed away suddenly on Wednesday morning.

Talent Rina Matsuno (Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku) who belonged to our office died early February 8, 2017. Matsuno concert appearance was canceled on February 7th due to poor health and she was taking a rest at home, but her death was confirmed at the hospital which occurred on the 8th. We appreciate your support and encouragement and are pleased this is being reported on.

Life is fleeting and sometimes sudden and tragic. This is the quasi-first mention of Ebichu on this website, and probably the last, but it’s sad news nonetheless, especially when considering this all-too-real death in juxtaposition to the threats — and actual violence — that too many idols (and, truly, people) have to deal with just for existing.

Happier and Assortedly Normal Stuff from the Week

The members of Oyasumi Hologram are releasing individual EPs, now out on iTunes (possibly not in your country):

Official Friends of, the gang of miscreants at A-to-J Connections, brought a little extra flair to their latest 18+ idols panel, with Tiffany and Angie teaming up for BiS’s “DiE”:

DEVIL NO ID, Okinawa’s most interesting idol project, has a single coming out in April:

And my deep, personal obsession that is 969 announced the date for their re-debut:

And joining former 969er Inoue Yume in Aphrodite is the suddenly un-retired human palidrome Samitsu Misa:

Which is fortunate timing, because Yumeneko up and quit on Friday:

Like, quit everything. No more idol. I hope she keeps making music, though, because she’s talented.

Not retiring, but joining a new venture:

Idol and wrestling go together like peanut butter and jelly. This will be great.

The people behind Magical Girl Seiren teased out a bunch of behind-the-scenes video from their MV shoot:

No idea:

Here’s a little bit of my girl Sakohata Aya in action:

The very best part of this Cutie Corpse Beyond live is that only one member’s on stage, but they still found a way to convincingly get her partner’s voice in there, too:

It’s been a minute since we last had anything to do with ICE CREAM SUICIDE, but a member won a thing:

Have a happy weekend!

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