Your Homicdols Weekender #331

Hey gang. This will be a truncated version of the Weekender as I am out traveling with family far from Casa de Homicidols. It is also a historic Weekender as it is the first ever composed entirely on mobile. However, after publishing a Saturday digest of alt-idol happenings for 330 consecutive weekends, I feel something of an obligation to ensure that this streak remains unbroken (at least until we hit issue #444 at which point, I believe, Hanako-San murders me in the toilet). So, while my family sleeps in, I will tap out as much as I remember of what happened this week in idol.

First up, a Reminder: SARI’s crowdfunding project ends in a few days, so contribute if you can and haven’t already.

The big news, of course, was BABYMETAL dropping their new album, in full, on streaming services early yesterday morning. Impressions are rolling in worldwide and I have yet to hear anything negative. This coincided with the release of their latest lyric video for prog/djent/groove metal track “Mirror Mirror”. 

Fellow world-class unit, RAY, dropped some new music as well.

Be happy. This unit is iNTOYOU.

It’s also nice to get a visit from QUEENS.

NEO JAPONISM released a new single.


Here’s some live BOY MEETS HARU.

One of the hottest units in chika idol right now, fishbowl give us a dance MV.

Also on the chill side of the scene, we have new Title Mitei who are amazing.

Oshiloss Corner

cana÷biss are disbandanding but in, like, a year man. Chill.

Poetreep dropped most of their catalog on YouTube and held thier last live.

Last Question announced they will be disbanding in June.

Oshifound Corner

In the most highly anticipated debut of the year, REIRIE held their first live and dropped their first single on streaming.

My apologies for this one being short, but I hear my family waking up, so I have to run.

Have a good weekend!