Your Friday Fun? Give Us Bootlegs

It’s another Kerrie number, amigos, but WordPress is being butt to her at the moment, so I’m posting on her behalf. Buy stuff from her shop.

I can’t believe I almost forgot about this, but you know, its hard to keep track when WordPress is being weird about allowing me to log in and all (hence why the idol calendar has been so dead atm!) I was actually about to go to bed as or writing this until I suddenly remembered as I was turning off my laptop. The things I do for you guys.

But anyway, last week’s fun was in honour of Eurovision, namely, if idols took part in it. Here’s what you came up with:

I have a bit of a fascination with weird bootleg things. I’m talking the really weird stuff. Some of the nice folks from the alt-idol podcast, discord and Maniac himself might remember when I joined in the first-day WACK audition commentary and I was editing Pour Lui into some quality images I pulled from the @Bootleg_Stuff twitter (I even had the new!BiSwagon as my Twitter header until last week or so).

I also find a big part of the fun in visiting my childhood summer destination as an adult is admiring the hideous rip-offs like they’re fine art.

And don’t even get me started on those “Pregnant Elsa Goes Cow Milking Dress-Up” flash games, I covered that in a previous Friday Funday.

So for anyone following me on social media you probably guessed that a Friday based around idol bootlegs was bound to happen with how much I love to laugh at them.

Now, there are two ways of going at this:

Easy Mode: Come up with your own! Suggest names for terrible flash games! Photoshop a cheapo DVD cover! Even just plastering Pour Lui’s face on more bootleg toys! Anything goes!

Hard Mode: Find me some real-life idol bootlegs! No, my Redbubble doesn’t count, no matter how much my fanart sucks. Did you come across an obviously fake Babymetal CDs at a con? Found First Summer Uika’s face inexplicably edited onto a back-alley Star Wars DVD? I want to see! The uglier the better!

Whichever route you go for, hashtag #IdolBootlegs and give me a good chuckle this weekend. Good luck!

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