You’ll Wish You Could Party with REGiNA KiSS

Hey! Are you aware of the fact that REGiNA KiSS is releasing an album, and that album is called IDOL SHREDDER, and that it is coming out next month? You should be, because you read the Weekender like a smart person should, and you saw the news! If that does not describe you, that’s fine, because now you are aware of the fact.

To prep for the incredibly named release, REGiNA KiSS dropped a a video last week, and while you can go ahead and give it a spin, you should know that there is in fact another one, and I have a feeling that things are afoot. Get started:

This one popped up yesterday:

It’s kind of a neat twist on how REGiNA KiSS normally does things, which is to say that they normally rock much more, but they’re clearly going for a lot of fun on this release, and good for them. Now if only the fact that they’re never worse than fine could get them more attention from Western wota and we can have a cool conversation about mature idols really working that band thing over, and how that fits into the overall spectrum.

As for what I think is up: REGiNA KiSS has always been very pro-video, and the fact that they’re rolling out a piece in consecutive weeks beginning a month before their album drops makes me think that much more is yet to come.