You’ll Stop and Listen to mistress’s Entire EP If You Know What’s Good for You

Dang thing published before I could edit it! Well, the point is, mistress is on Soundcloud and you should listen to them!

Ah, mistress, out-of-nowhere contender for a mess of awards this year, holders of almost impossibly well-booked eponymous festivals and sneakily maybe the underground’s gnarliest emerging artist at this point. You won my heart a couple of weeks ago, but now you’re in there with swords and spiky clubs and making me want to die in violence. Bless you.

The reason: To celebrate the release of their likewise-eponymous EP, they added the whole dang thing to Soundcloud and would like it very much if you were to take it for a spin!

If you’ve been following mistress for a little while, you no doubt know a good many of those tracks, or even know them from old previews. I don’t think that’s the point — the point is that here’s something approaching a full-length album, and it has moments as bright as releases from some of the biggest brand names in the business. Also some less bright! But that’s fine. It’s idol, and it’s newish, and we need to have emerging voices (literally) to keep this thing going.

Now to hope for another MV before the month is out. I’m not sure which I’d be hoping for.