You’ll Melt More!’s Latest Is Proof That They Can Do Whatever They Want

I had this whole other thing primed for the pre-release of the Loneliness and Counterattack EP (specifically about this teaser video), but forget it, the real deal is here:

The very first thing I thought was that we’re seven months early for Halloween stuff!

This is the weird instance where I run the title through a translator and get a few different (but similar) answers and get what they’re communicating, but don’t feel comfortable trying to turn that into a title, so “Furuete Yomigaere,” that’s what you’re getting. It’s got a lot going on! The video’s also mildly terrifying on first glance until things settle down. And I definitely didn’t understand what all was going on with the song until it started to come together toward the end — similarly and also completely dissimilarly to Hauptharmonie’s drop yesterday, there’s a ton of ambition in the inspiration, and the song winds up covering a ton of thematic ground on its way to a resolution.

Which kind of makes sense! It’s what you can do when you’ve spent years building “trust me, it’ll be fine” goodwill with your fans and wider audiences, and your various big swings rarely fail to knock the absolute hell out of the ball.

Loneliness and Counterattack is out on Wednesday. Hold on to your butts.

5 thoughts on “You’ll Melt More!’s Latest Is Proof That They Can Do Whatever They Want

  1. I watched this through four times now and still can’t work out what the hell is going on for a lot of it.
    Did the story board for this consist of just the words “go mental on camera”.
    It’s great that they (both the girls and their team) have the cojones to go for it musically and visually, less MV more performance art.

    • I don’t know about YMM prior to 2014/15, but they’ve been notably unwilling to do anything conventional. It’s wonderful. When the most accessible video in your repertoire involves either a cleaning Olympics or the video’s director murdering the idols, you’re on to great things.

      • Hey! If you ever want to watch every You’ll Melt More! video from start to finish (I know I frequently do!), here’s my lovely playlist.

  2. The Olympics one is one of my favorites. I don’t know what I find so compelling about YMM, but I keep being drawn back to them and using them as a bench mark against which to judge other idol groups. Possibly the level of artistic ambition they seem to possess. Or it could be that I just find Younapis smile irresistible.

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