You’ll Melt More Want You To Know: “Where There’s Life, There’s Hope”…

True to form, You’ll Melt More! have continued their prolific effort to create an MV for every single song they record, which is a custom I totally endorse and encourage. And so here’s the third and final chapter of their “Never Give Up Drunk Monkeys” EP release, a lovely and positive set of sound vibrations and rhythmic vocalizations that they’ve provided with the translated title “Where There’s Life, There’s Hope”….

Now this is my favorite kind of YURUMERUMO! song: A gorgeous dreamy pop number awash in guitar and good vibes, with each member getting plenty of lines and a delightful harmonies. I was already familiar with the song since it was included on the “Drunk Monkey’s” EP, but this MV really brings into it perspective. We get a fairly direct video with some simple animated visuals, once again demonstrating that YLMM! don’t need to make an epic production out of every video they do, they just need to put their hearts into it and make beautiful magic by being who they are. When placed as a set with the other two previously released MVs, this is the perfect closer for the trilogy that is their most recent release.

Is it intentional that this came out on Christmas Eve in Japan’s timezone? I definitely think so! There’s a spiritual feeling of goodwill that emanates from this short little video, and it placed me in this peaceful, relaxed mood that eases the uncertain craziness that seems to too-frequently cloud our future.

“Where There’s Life, There’s Hope” indeed. We would do well to affirm the message here and do our best to spread that positivity .You’ll Melt More More! are four very wise women, and they just bestowed a wonderful gift unto us all.