You’ll Melt More! Is So Good Live

Please do indulge me for a minute this morning, gang, to bask in the stupid glory that is You’ll Melt More!, live, which they published yesterday and I didn’t notice but PIH and others celebrated and I felt like an idiot, but now I can make an ounce of amends.

You know, I did this whole website business because I, like a lot of you all, saw among these kinds of idols — often loud, but more importantly doing just plain good music — as having an appeal bigger than just people like us. And maybe, if it were easier to connect people who once had that little pang of curiosity that got us all to where we are, we’d be able to make more of us, and then those idols would get bigger and more successful and all of that. It’s obviously kind of a thing sometimes that idol projects don’t even intend to ever go beyond local club scenes, neither on the part of the manager nor the performers, but some projects do aim higher. And when those ambitious projects combine with the right mix of talent and charm and timing, and great things can happen.

A lot of the idols that I make an effort to follow and feature don’t actually fit that bill. I have a hard time believing that some personal favorites — forgive me for not naming them out of consideration — don’t stand a chance of going any bigger or more important than being meaningful denizens of right where they are.

Some do, though. They really do. You’ll Melt More! is one of them. Given the right venue and build-up, I have no reason to believe that they couldn’t do small club tours or be a fixture on the festival circuit. They just compel the crap out of me.

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  1. And YMM wears their western influences on their sleeve, too. Lots of things in their favor for crossover success! I really think they’d be the talk of the town if they did SXSW or something, but then again how many western fans did Suiyoubi no Campanella really gain when they did that? Western audiences are generally still too racist to care about Japanese acts, but at least YMM’s got Ano to provide the “crazy Japanese something something” that white people demand. Shrug.

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