YOU’LL MELT MORE! Break Out and Celebrate 47 Cities in the East!

We’re fast approaching a new era for Yurumerumo! as Kechon (A founding member!) and Chiffon (A member since 2013!) prepare to graduate in October! Let’s face it, it’s a seismic shift for this legendary idol unit as it passes the torch to an entire pack of “Pupil More”s. Nani and Nerun, who only joined last year, are going to be the veteran members! So the next year of YMM! will be one of growth and finding their footing as the unit steps up into something new and also continues the legacy of the past.

So here we have the first live-action MV featuring all the fresh new upstarts, and what is quite possibly the final video for Chiffon and Kechon.  The song is called “47 Cities in the East” and it’s just what we love about this group. Let’s watch!

What a fun tune! And it’s educational as well! The lyrics (Helpfully included in the YouTube description.) take us on a little geographical hop around Japan, naming cities and prefectures, and telling you what they’re famous for. (Tokyo: Trendy & cutting edge! Chiba: Peanuts! Niigata: Rice fields! Fukui: Dinosaur fossils! and so on…) The song is a celebration of what these ladies love about Japan and how dearly they want to express that love to the listeners, and I for one am all ears!

You know what this song sounds like? It sounds like YOU’LL MELT MORE! That’s fantastic of course, but it’s also kind of fascinating just how much it sounds like what they’ve always sounded like. It certainly makes sense that they maintained their winning formula, and the song is written by long-time YMM! collaborator Tamaya 2060% of the band Wienners, but yet somehow I had expected that they might sound well…. kind of different. Now I’m even more curious about how the group’s music will be perceived when next month’s graduations are in the rear-view mirror…

And as for the video….why does it begin with the members in a prison with rap sheets branding them as criminals??? The only thing criminal about YOU’LL MELT MORE! is how underrated they are! Is winning a card game that seems to involve Japanese trivia how they handle paroles in Japan? Amazing! I myself love to concoct my own fanciful interpretations of MVs based on nothing other than my penchant for over-analysis, and I’m going to throw it out there that the prison is some kind of COVID metaphor, and the members of the groups are eager to break out and see the country they love again. I could be totally wrong, but I still think it’s a cool idea.

But wait, there’s more! (This is a group that loves more!) Just a few days before this MV dropped, we were also treated with this live video of the current line-up preforming the song “Evacuation Emergency”.…. (Previously shared as an animated MV)

This is such a blast to watch! This group has always been so full life and energy and we love them for it. I know there’s a lot to process and accept when an idol unit goes through a transition like this, but I’m more certain than ever that they’re going to rise to the occasion and continue to melt this all-too-often cold world we live in. YOU’LL MELT MORE! is far from over, in fact they’ve got a lot MORE! to share with us, and thank goodness.