You’ll Melt More! At Their Best Is Better Than Anything Else

So we’re in a little bit of an idol lull. Typical for this time of year, sure, and yeah I could probably do more with new debuts don’t you judge me but what I, as a fancy guy with a fancy idol website, really want is to fulfill the mission statement, which is To Uplift Girls in Skirts Who Scream On Stage. However, with a dearth of suitably loud and vicious tunes to celebrate, maybe it’s appropriate to talk directly about the latest from one of the very best things to ever emerge from the primordial chika ooze*, a project still going stronger than most can ever fantasize about and with a higher standard of quality than more than most can hope to achieve. I’m talking about dang You’ll Melt More!, people!(!)

I don’t know why they elected to release this MV yesterday, but it also doesn’t matter why. Did anybody ask Michelangelo why he chiseled the David from a perfect block of marble? Of course not!** So don’t ask the sheer idoling perfection that is You’ll Melt More! why they do a video with magic and a very important guest start. Just enjoy it!

Lordy, what perfection. This isn’t even my favorite stylistic turn of theirs! It’s just that wonderful, delicious, heartfelt a song, with a suitably on-brand MV to frame the tune and add some extra oomph to it without having to go for a radical setting or– I was going to say “gimmick” but I guess the magic does kind of belie that, huh? You know what I mean. Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it YMM, everybody’s happy. And, true to form, it manages to sound like a YMM song without being formulaic, instead borrowing liberally from more traditional idol spaces to make something uniquely and unmistakably their own. It’s their wont, and oh what a wont it is.

So yeah, not loud, normally more of a Weekender thing than anything, but I’ll be damned if one of the truest remaining grand masters of this game can’t get their due.

*That is, the legendary class of 2012 — yes, Kechon’s been at this for almost seven years
**The actual answer is that he got paid, so