You’ll Find Yourself Tuning in; Blame Nobody But Yourself

Just in case you missed it, there’s a new podcast on the block. No, your friendly neighborhood Maniac had naught to do with it, but scene regulars put together a program and talked through some recent material in the wider world of alt-idol (using their occasionally hilarious accents to boot!).

Give it a watch, or check out Garry for some reflections from one of the organizer/participants:

Would you believe that he had the nerve to accuse me of casting a spell on their efforts, thereby causing a 30-minute delay? MY WITCHCRAFT IS FAR MORE REFINED THAN THAT, GUY! Like how I somehow managed to get this many Corenament pre-matches matchups to happen concurrently …

3 thoughts on “You’ll Find Yourself Tuning in; Blame Nobody But Yourself

  1. Can’t wait for people to see what we have planned for the next podcast. Lessons have been learnt.

      • Worse thing was it wouldn’t work the whole time we tried it on the regular channel soon as the podcast ended I retried it on the normal channel and hey presto it worked… aye

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