You Won’t Believe What Was Said During Maniac Night on A-to-J’s Podcast

Are you ready for three hours of chatter about idols? For Friday the 13th, the smart and cool team at A-to-J Connections had yours truly on as a guest. We talked dark idols, everything from Kamen Joshi to Yukueshirezutsurezure (hear it said out loud!) and Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da to Necronomidol. And then the conversation kept going for a good while after!

A-to-J is something that you should look at. You should visit their site and attend their events. These are good ideas.

Bad ideas are: Making fun of Maniac’s voice, making fun of Maniac’s broken driver that prevented webcam operation, making fun of Maniac’s opinions, making fun of Maniac.

10 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What Was Said During Maniac Night on A-to-J’s Podcast

  1. You did well Guv’nor. These reprobate, misfit idols we adore so much,should be pleased to get some recognition in the West.

  2. Hey Maniac, since the topic of the Mask Girls recent political forays was discussed, we thought this might be an opportune moment to bring to light a bit of counterbalance.Led by our adorable Armor Girl Kubota Misa, the Secretary General of the Democratic Party and the Youth Division Director receive personal instruction on the fine art of headbanging (Oritatami), vocal & dance lessons for Genkidane and Natsudane, in preparation for a live event at Niconico Chokaigi. A rarity (if ever) to witness top political figures on stage, performing alongside underground artists.

    • Mishan is awesome. The Cultural Ambassador of Headbanging. We found the footage of the full event. The Secretary General jumped up on stage and sang the last chorus of “Genkidane” in duet style with Nodaka-chan, followed by the Youth Director, in full mask and robe, headbanging with the girls during “Zenkai Hero”. It looked like they were all having a blast. I’m sure the girls and their performance made quite a lasting impression on those gentlemen.

      • Thanks for the heads up. Found it. We weren’t aware of any video in it’s entirety. Amazing.Wonder what may become of this colliding of worlds.They are certainly playing every angle possible. Those gentlemen are surely scarred for life.

      • That it is. It seems unlikely that a political entity would approach underground idols for entertainment purposes at this convention. Alice Project seems to be working the phones in order to interact with as many varying entities as possible. Perhaps they’re gunning for some “Cool Japan” funding, or laying some groundwork for the upcoming Olympics. They seem to have elaborate plans for the girls. As is often said, it pays to have friends in high places.

  3. Deep Girl are actually really old for idols, of the current four Rikopin (brown hair, can actually kinda sing) and Nontan (blonde, growls) are both 24 and from what I remember the others were remarkably old too, Hinapisu (short-haired psychopath who just quit) was the only one under 20 when they started, and she’s about 21 now. Mashilo and Kanontan I’m unsure of, but they’re both over 20 ’cause I’ve seen them drinking.

    Screaming 60s’ S&M reputation mostly comes from Montero being an adorable little nutcase. Half the chekis with her seem to involve her standing on top of people, and I saw a video of her forming a human pyramid in the middle of a circle pit. I also once saw a video of her going into a Lolisyn pit with what I really hope was a plastic baseball bat. In other words, she has a very relaxed attitude to everyone else’s personal safety.

    BiS, from what I remember, also lost of a lot of members because Pour Lui was horrible to work with, certainly she always seemed a little more out there than the others.

    I feel their problem with Necronomidol is that they don’t get the black metal ethos. I’ll admit I don’t get it properly ’cause I’m not much of a fan, but I know a little bit. Black metal is deliberately designed to be inaccessible to outsiders, and even big bands like Darkthrone have released deliberately low-fi recordings, in order to better give the impression that they’re still underground at heart. There’s a lot of jokes about how if a black metal album sells in triple figures, the band has to split up since they’ve got too mainstream. The album covers also play into this, as proper black metal is meant to have very cheap, obviously home-made art, to further emphasise that it’s being produced by the band, for the band and maybe a couple of very dedicated fans. However, Necronomidol is clearly not particularly Trve as their live performances are… you know, actually entertaining, rather than being designed to chase off posers. I mean, they didn’t even throw any of those pig heads at the audience!

    Oh, and great podcast, lovely to listen to while crafting.

    • Wait, you mean to tell me that Riko’s 24? Once again, I have no idea how to age idols.

      I’ve always assumed that Pour Lui was a PITA, but never watched any of the docs for confirmation; something about super self-confident creatives, like how Paige Hamilton destroyed every beautiful thing he created.

      And 100% TY for the Montero note. I never did the math very well on the S&M thing aside from the leather, and that’s pretty basic punk rock, but now it falls into place.

      • She’s actually 25 in just over a month, check her profile for yourself if you don’t believe me Yes, it is fair enough not realising, she is very diddy indeed.

        Pour Lui I’m not completely certain of, but I do remember a story of her really publicly going after one of the BiS members who quit, a big no-no in most places but particularly in the idol world. Plus, she seems to have been the one who bullied the others into doing most of their craziest shit.

        • Oh, I believe you. I have no reason not to. 🙂 Hell, it’s nice to see an idol who’s legitimately old enough to be a college grad. I am a card-carrying member of the First Summer Uika Fan Club*, after all.

          Re: Pour Lui, that must have been Yuffy. I think that bad blood began when Junnosuke put them together, and then it just built and built and when Yufu bolted right on Wacky’s heels, it was way past the point of decorum. I do enjoy a good public fight.

          *I am not.

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