You Want This Sugartrap Album Preview, Don’t You?

Reverse the Curse! See, back in the early days of the site, it seemed like just mentioning a group out of context (like, “hey, let’s post some random Under Beasty video, haven’t heard from them in a little while”) would lead to something crushing coming along about them not long after. Or, like in the case of Psybou Kanojo, the discovery itself led to the project’s end.

But the Curse also has a flipside, and it’s that sometimes random mentions turned into fresh new releases (like Under Beasty!). And so it is this time! Fresh off of getting a chance to bring up Sugartrap again for the first time in a while, here they are with a preview for their upcoming first full album:


Some of that, obviously, we’re familiar with by now, but some of it is new! And it all fits right into that “hybrid” theme they’re pushing, kind of playing along with pop and pick-your-core in equal measure.

It comes out on Christmas, too. Clearly, Sugartrap is laying claim to being the Light of the World.

Great catch, Jordan!

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