You Review Things: DISDOL | “HARERUYA”

Dofphoto has another gift for you! And very well-timed, as DISDOL crept a bit into the wider homicidol consciousness over the past week, and darn it, that makes me happy. Personally, I’m dying to know if HARERUYA is any good.

My first experience with DISDOL (they were called Dissenter Dolls back then) was back in March 2015, which I’m pretty sure was their debut on stage. There were four girls and they only had two songs, which were “Jolly” and “Miraibana,” the latter being the track that caught my attention. So like anyone would do, I followed them on Twitter. A few demos of new tracks were uploaded to Youtube and it seemed it wouldn’t be long till DISDOL were in the studio.

Homicidols Album Review Scale:

Five Heartbleeds  One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews: Both in relation to itself and music as a whole, this album could not possibly be any better.
Four Heartbleeds One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews: This is a very damn good record, and you should probably buy it and listen to it all the time and consider starting a website dedicated to the artists that made it and albums like it.
Three Heartbleeds One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews: More good than bad, but not great; one or two awesome songs can’t get it over the hump.
Two Heartbleeds One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews: More bad than good, and lacks the kind of standout track that can take it out of the crappiness wallow.
One Heartbleed One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews: This is a bad, bad piece of work. Do not buy this.
Zero Heartbleeds: People associated with this should be ashamed of themselves; there’s pride to be had in any effort made to meet a goal, but that’s your only reward. Please don’t make music anymore.

Over the next few months, music information slowed to a trickle rather quickly except on Twitter. DISDOL added Chieri, and man can that girl tweet! Texts, updates and pictures every five minutes, this girl was on a roll. And then it started happening: Natsumi (she is gone now) announced her debut gravure video and plenty of twitter pics followed. Just like Jennifer Jason Leigh in SWF, Chierie started tweeting undie and lingerie shots every five minutes. I was waiting around for a mini LP release that Bell Agency told me would be coming shortly, but every DISDOL tweet was accompanied by half naked photos of the girls and no music info for months, so I got bored and silenced their tweets.

[Maniac: A man after my own heart!]

Sept. 27, 2015 (after some lineup changes) saw the release of a three-song EP Jolly. (Quick review of that release: Pretty good, although better songs were out there for a debut.) “Idoly,” [ha!] I stuck around as I heard they had changed labels to Blue Music Entertainment and new music was coming. Quick review of the New Generation mini LP: Much better showcase of this group and no repeats or covers from the debut EP, but the star moment was the re-vamped VICTORIA. If you haven’t heard the original demo, it’s over here.

Jan. 13, 2017, new label, Black Magic Record (are DISDOL going up, down, or parallel?), full-length LP HARERUYA. All previous works and five new tracks.

Enough preface, let’s get at this lengthy audio bomb:

  1. Chessman: Starts with a great heavy riff, decent verse riffs, and great upbeat chorus. A perfect album starter.
  2. Melancholic Syndrome: I’m not a big fan of this song. It’s not bad, but the song just feels like the best someone could do when they are out of new ideas.
  3. VICTORIA: The obvious standout of this album. Heavy as heavy gets (for idol), great chorus and nice punch through the verses. I can’t help but think of the verse riff from Exodus’s “Brain Dead on Pleasures of the Flesh.” Listen here first if you are unsure about this group, the other songs will catch on later.
  4. Jolly: The first DISDOL song, good heavy rock song.
  5. New Generation: I am guessing that this is DISDOL’s war cry? It rocks pretty well; after “Victori” and “Jolly,” though, it feels a little out of place.
  6. Turbulence Grid: Great rock riffs, very much in the vein of “Jolly” and “Chessman.” Not a starter track for sure, but if you’re jogging or on a treadmill, this will fit right into your uphill climb.
  7. Flash Back: We have finally calmed down a bit (not by much). “Flash Back” rocks, but sees a little more emotion and just a bit more harmony. One of my favorites, this song is a great sign of things to come.
  8. Pretty Girl: Right back to the rock, “Pretty Girl” has some cool edge to the pre-chorus and has lighter feet in the chorus. It might be a mismatch for the album, but the riffs stay heavy and consistent. Honorable mention for the solo.
  9. To You: MCZ? Well this is a departure for sure, if it wasn’t for the guitar sound I would think I changed albums. I never thought of DISDOL doing a frilly idol track, but here we are, and it’s not bad. This is one of the new tracks; is it a sign of the future? Let’s find out!
  10. Tail Wind: Second new song, back to the rock? Well, it’s a mix of mild rock and “To You” idol. I am guessing DISDOL is headed in a new direction. Not a bad track, the chorus is pretty catchy and light. Might be better if they dumped the slight rock guitar.
  11. Mother: I don’t like this track so much; it feels a bit broken in the verse, and the harmony is bad across the chorus. Timing, girls … … … timing.
  12. Future Flowers (or “Miraibana” if you like): Very happy to see this song recorded. I could have done without the keyboards added over the guitar, but the verse and chorus are great and let’s applaud the effort on the solo — minor scale attacks, but it fits well. A little toned down since I first heard, “Future Flowers” is a standout track. Beware: Car stereo DISDOL is coming for you!
  13. Hareruya: If you didn’t tune out halfway through “Kimi to akuma,” then you have arrived at the last track. I don’t have many thoughts here. Pretty standard for DISDOL’s slower numbers, with some 80’s rock going on here and a solo to match. Not too catchy a song, but who knows, this track may garner some fans.

HARERUYA was a long time coming. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde album showcasing what DISDOL was and what they are to become and slightly shall the two cross paths. I am glad to have it and I’m sure a lot of you will, too.


Score: One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews One full Heartbleed, the logo of, used for reviews

Yes! DISDOL as care stereo music. What an observation. Additionally true if you drive a Trans Am. Extra additionally true if your name is Rick Derris.