You Probably Didn’t See This Himekyun Fruit Can MV Coming

You guys! Why didn’t anybody tell me that there was new HKFC? Oh, right, I’ve been a little single-minded lately.

Well, let me rectify an entire week’s worth of missing out by bringing you to the MV for their new single, “Kokoro Tsunagaru.”

True story: I first read the romajization of the title as “Kokoro Tsundere” and was like, that’s brutal

That is easily the least heavy thing I’ve heard from Himekyun Fruit Can in … a very long time. Like, back-to-their-origin long time. Amazing. I felt for sure that I was listening to Friends-era Sakura Gakuin for a minute.

HKFC fell victim to a weird curse in the Corenament, and the Committee just wasn’t impressed enough with their past resume to want to seed them despite their scoring a win in their conference tournament. Oh well! Better luck next year, Mad Magazine and associated acts!

5 thoughts on “You Probably Didn’t See This Himekyun Fruit Can MV Coming

  1. This is for an Anime theme, not sure what for, I don’t like anime.

    But I said this before, that since they just had this other album ‘brain drop’ and come out with this same month. that they put all the ‘rockers’ on the rock album.

    Once I saw their next promo’s in pink dresses, I knew what to expect. I seen this the day it came out… there was a reason I didn’t plaster it everywhere.

  2. The covers for this single are so pretty though… The music video is pretty nice too. I guess I like both hard rock and sweet bubblegum HKFC, even if I sure have a preference for the good old rock HKFC. Their latest album was a blessing and I feel even more blessed they’ve released this such a short time after it.
    It may them bring more fans through anime (hopefully not those who commented stuff like “like if you’re here thanks to naruto” on AKM’s MV)

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