You Need to See What Kai from Screaming Sixties Is Doing

We know about Montero’s side project, Tau, but what if I told you that Kai was also doing some collaboration work, and you might be shocked to see her?

You’d believe it. I know. That’s how it goes around here. Anyway, here’s Kai and her collab partner, Ouse Akira (Twitter), as Coming Soon!!:


They literally just had their first performance as part of this week-long festival doodad that Zekkyou’s been kind of in the lead on (as in, performing every day), and I was waiting for a teaser track to hit the Interwebs like how Tau did, but for naught. So far. And then those images happened and I didn’t want to wait anymore.

Here’s the promo art and what I think are the lyrics of the three songs they performed:

I’m also still not completely convinced that Coming Soon!! is the name of the thing. Like, I thought it was just a teaser for the project, and that now maybe it just hasn’t been updated yet, but the way that Kai and Akira are tweeting with the name … I dunno! That’d be pretty weird!

Here’s Akira doing her thing. She’s a solo idol who’s a lot like Kai, in that she can instrument and stuff and seems pretty cool:

The big question, as always, is whether this additional duo unit has legs of its own and lasts a while, or if it’s a casual kind of arrangement between friends, or even if it’s a launch pad for somebody to permanently join somebody else (or replace originals and the like).

Update: And it’s done.

5 thoughts on “You Need to See What Kai from Screaming Sixties Is Doing

  1. Coming Soon is indeed the name. The two performed in cute costumes with a 3-piece backing band. I really loved their music, and think Zekkyou fans will enjoy. Hamada (Zekkyou Producer) was going nuts in the crowd which is always fun to see.

    Yeah, this year’s Bakuonsai is curated by Zekkyou, it’s a week long thing at the same venue, with all-female acts, mostly bands, not idols.

  2. Well this is cool. Some interesting info about Akira Ouse. I’ve seen her live before at a small live house in Shibuya. She is a really good performer and she has some crazy wotas who go insane for her. I’m talking BiSH/Bellheart/Guso Drop level with moshing and heavy crowdsurfing lol.

    She has this one song where she performs holding a knife and waves it around seductively sometimes running it lightly across her body. And another song where she throws signed panties into the audience. The last one she pulled a pair of turquoise blue panties out right from her chest area from under her clothing and threw it right at me lol.

    Of course I caught it like Randy Moss. 😉

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