You May Enjoy Sorano Aozora’s New Single

So this was going to be the Idol in Focus for the week, gang, but the more I thought about it, and the less that’s actually new and interesting and emerging in our typical idol space right now, the more I wanted to highlight it. The it is in fact Sorano Aozora (Twitter), who may have been previously mentioned in passing but hasn’t ever really been featured on this ol’ website, and that’s a shame. Yeah, her sound is more tangential to how things are supposed to work around here, but since when has that ever stopped me from highlighting something that’s cool for the sake of it being cool?

Anyway, Aozora released a new single, her sixth, a few weeks back, and my pal @F212iF on the Twitter (we share good taste in solo female performers) suggested that I look it up. He was right on!

Like if NEMLESSS came from DEARSTAGE

It’s not exactly on-brand for good ol’ Homicidols Dot Com, but I’ve always considered denpa and its panoply of radiant interconnected projects to be a logical next step for people who like loud music and idols at the same time, and there are some genuinely solid beats happening in there besides. It’s a cool release, and Aonyan (as she likes to be called) is a cool person.

Here’s where you can buy and/or stream the thing, so go do that.