You May Already Know, But Here Are the Ladybaby Single Details

I was so proud of myself yesterday for having caught this one on a random Twitter pass-through and not already seeing it added elsewhere. It’s details on The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby’s major label single!

I was so proud that I put it away for a little while. “Something to add over the weekend,” I thought!

You know what? Screw you guys. If you want the details in English, you’ll only tangentially get them from me.


You guys are jerks.

3 thoughts on “You May Already Know, But Here Are the Ladybaby Single Details

  1. LMAO!! Sorry Maniac I’m an idol freak and when I get new info from friends, various sources, or on my own accord it’s hard to run it past me like Reggie White on the defensive line. I think it’s really seriously honto ni an unhealthy obsession lol. And especially if it’s Rei’s music. I just find her to be so strange yet very intriguing.

    I wish I saw the tweet as soon as it went up though because then I would have had a better chance at getting that sweet HMV online benefit offer before it sold out faster than anyone can say “Ladybeard” 😀

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