You Know Who We Don’t See Enough Of? Candy GO!GO!

Other than the various times that I note how excellent a follow Rin is on Twitter, I don’t have much occasion to post about Candy GO!GO!, who have shown in the past to be perfectly cool and good and capable of some serious rockers. Hence, when they start putting live clips online in a way that’s readily accessible without having to worry about YouTube’s stupid rules, I listen, and then I feel like sharing.

In three parts:

Candy GO!GO! is such a neat tweener unit, in a lot of ways like how I wish Up Up Girls were on a permanent basis, or how Babyraids JAPAN could actually become cooler, but also uniquely positioned between the indies in the underground and busting straight out into the mainstream. Like, they’re the flagship for a not-small agency, and they’re on a major label, but then they do gigs like this:

Which, frankly, looks cool as hell.