You Have Not Quite Two Hours to Listen to the New Tsurezure!

It’s been a while since I did one of these — let’s see if I remember the formula.

I mentioned these upcoming solo songs from the … I was going to say “newbies” in Not Secured, Loose Ends, but it is now quite true that nobody is “new” anymore, per se, and that really only Komachi is truly a group veteran, so I say instead members of Not Secured, Loose Ends, which they’ll be employing in their nationwide one-man tour, and which had better include the recently-mysteriously absent Komachi, but that’s a topic for a post we hope to never have to write, so instead let’s listen to one of those songs, which is now available under the terms of what I like to call the Codomomental Special!

Two hours, yes, and that time is already dwindling, but this is Homicidols Dot Com and making archives accessible is something that I like to do, so:

Listen to the song forever here!


人の想いは死なない 信じて今も立ってる
その分ぼくが覚えてる 忘れないと。

筋金入りポジティブ思考 笑う角には福が来たるとか
君に何があったとしても ぼくが受け入れるの

誰かが呟く「死にたい」と 許さない、笑える日がくるの
生きてる、それだけの素敵ごと 君に思い出させる

笑えない日もあること わかってるぼくもそうで

人の想いは死なない 今も信じて立ってる
繋いだ手の温もりも 笑い合った記憶たちも

ぜんぶ、大丈夫、受け止めるの ぼくが、ここにいるの

暗くない 君ごと照らすから 明けない夜なんてないって
生きてる、生きるの、ぼくがいるの 泣き笑い
負けない 何度も転んでも 笑えない夜も吹き飛ばすの
生きてく、生きるの、君とぼくで 意味なんてなくていい

I dig it! And it’s very well named! It’s very Tsurezure, too. And it’s technically still just a demo, I think, so it could yet change. But still, a nice first look, and I’m surprised at home glad I am to have solo songs from the group within the Codomofamily that always seems the least likely to do them.

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