You Guys Want to See This PassCode Set?

Just before we begin, can I ask that we take a moment to appreciate how legitimately cool it is to see PassCode somewhat back on a tiny stage, in a smaller environment, being incredibly raw with just a back track and absolutely zero effects?

I feel like this is the quietest that PassCode stuff has been in forever, since about a year ago, when they were promoting VIRTUAL ahead of the release that would take them from cult favorite to a major release. I wasn’t ever bothered to look up sales figures for “MISS UNLIMITED,” but I’m presuming that it did well overall, and this time they’re taking now is mostly preparatory for the next record.

Anyway, this is pretty cool:

I’m very certain that I’ve never seen “DREAM MAKER” performed before, so that’s neat

If you’re somehow not yet a member of the PassCode fan group on Facebook, which is where this was added by our very good friend Caleb Cooper, you should probably rectify that error in your decision-making. Unless you don’t use Facebook, which is perfectly normal and probably all for the best.

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