You Guys Should Check out Marbles

Here’s another one of those recent debuts that’s worth noting; your friend and mine Pure Idol Heart as usual the referrer. Check out Marbles (Twitter):

True story: I’ve listened to this like 30 times

I approve.

I was actually surprised to see that an entity known as Marbles has been around for almost a year, but all of their shared video stuff is only a few months old, and I’ll confess to not really seeing them on various venues’ bills, though that could just be some retroactive confirmation bias at work.

Here’s a little live video that shows off a different sound:

Or their very first thing, this lyric video:

It ain’t rock, for sure, but I love the intensity, and I love the vocals. My eyes are open.

6 thoughts on “You Guys Should Check out Marbles

  1. With that fucking kick it is a shame they don’t use Jumpstyle or Shuffle elements in the choreography. 😛

    • I asked for a hardstyle idol group on twitter last year and it looks like Santa IS real. I agree about the jumpstyle, it’s a requirement! Can we coin the term “Rotterdam-kei?”

        • They’ve got a few things free on OTOTOY right now, and an even newer single available for purch’. It looks like they only recently rebooted as a hardstyle group, “which is the first in the idol world.” Bless these girls.
          Will I stan for MARBLES and make them my own personal alt-idol Phase II? Will I not rest until they share a stage with Paul Elstak and Neophyte, or more realistically Scooter? We’ll see how I feel in the morning.
          Do we know if the new song(s) are produced by Massive New Krew? Otherwise I don’t know how I arrived on their Soundcloud amid my clicking around.

  2. This group reminds me of Cream ‘n’ Chrome (still love them!). But not in sound or image or anything like that, but in potential. This group seems to have a ton of potential and it’ll be interesting to see where they end up.

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