You Guys Might Dig This merry merli Song

Have I ever mentioned the Japanese Idol MV Twitter account? While I do like to rely on friends and a few notable denizens of the underground when I’m looking for new and/or interesting things, the criminally underappreciated Japanese Idol MV account manages to find and then pass out to the wider world all kinds of stuff. Yeah, a good bit of it’s from idols who left their homi at home, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff, period.

And sometimes the twain shall meet!

That’s merry merli (Twitter), which I assume that you figured out because you aren’t dumb. First single? First MV? First something. But it’s interesting that here we are with lolita idols (as Pure Idol Heart was gleeful to point out) doing a … I don’t know what to call that, actually. Nice. Fun. Good. Those are accurate words!

But I bring that up on account of the fact that I never expected to revisit lolita idols at any point after the demise of Meltia and that one pretty darn interesting song of theirs from a while back. Like, one’s fashion choices don’t necessarily guarantee anything up or down in terms of musical style, but I do think that most people see frilly-ass dresses and parasols and whatnot and go, oh yeah, that’s gonna be really idolly. In this case? Maybe a little less so!

Anyhow, I really enjoy this song and gave it plural consecutive listens. Now I pass it on to you!

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