You Guys Have All Seen the New PREDIANNA by Now, Right?

For those of you who already had a chance to see (and hear!) this sucker, my apologies for being late to the party. I’d actually normally just slip something like this toward the Weekeder on account of my being so late to it, but it’s the kind of thing that I want to have as a standalone post because people looking around for loud idols deserve to walk right into something this loud:


This isn’t the first go-around for PREDIANNA in these parts, but I daresay that it’s the awesomest, with a little bit of extra edge. At issue is that I don’t have a lot of exposure to the other groups in the DIANNA family, so whether this unit’s run through real-deal rock sounds is on-point to be different or to stay true to a familial brand, I can’t say. I can say that I wish more idols would at least go this far.

I also, I dunno, I was thinking the other day that maybe some of this whole loud-rebel-idol-anti thing was starting to have run its course, a fad that really flipped a switch in 2012 and, five years later, was kind of exhausted; there are new groups in the scene, and established groups dabbling still, but just comparing this year to last feels a little deflated in comparison. Or maybe the relative success of our PassCodes and whatnot moved the dial in an unexpected direction? I might just be making it up, too.

But I say that because hearing a PREDIANNA (or Maria, I’m looking in your direction) give it some gas makes me think that there may be life in these legs yet. There’s a whole new set of fans for idol now that this little phenomenon kicked off, and where there’s a market, there’s going to be people after it, and a whole mess of young women have come of age in a world where it’s cool to be both metal and idol at the same time, and that probably sounds like a good time.

Kind of like this song!

10 thoughts on “You Guys Have All Seen the New PREDIANNA by Now, Right?

  1. Regarding your thoughts on if “loud idols” has run its course:

    Maybe? I have predicted that we will see more situations that are less like Idol groups as we traditionally think of them and more like “Bands fronted by idols” and i kind of feel we are seeing that emerge as a trend, sort of, maybe, a tiny bit.

    I think another problem is no-one seems to want to commit to it to any real degree, this is why we have so many groups performing bland pop-punk and weak animelo powermetal.

    Of course the irony is that when they DO go heavy they tend to stick out and be more successful… Passcode and especially BABYMETAL being where they are is not something i think is a coincidence.

    But my question is: Where are our death metal idols? Where are our hardcore idols? Where are our grindcore idols? Where are our fucking doomcore, beatdown and mathcore idols?

    It’s easy to be all middle fingers and fake cum when you make some mediocre pop punk, wish some of these “badass” groups would make some music that is confrontational too.

    … The kind of sadthing is i think the closest we are going to come to that is if BABYMETAL decides to make some songs in those styles…
    And that says it all really, doesn’t it?

    Fucking always me with the long rants, sorry about this.

    Oh, yeah the song is pretty good. Do Predianna have anything to do with Predia?

    • They’re good rants!

      /pushes glasses up nose

      Predianna is little sisters to Dianna Sweet; Predia is a sister unit to Passpo.

      No, I didn’t know that until Google.

    • Also, I don’t care count it because they were dreadful, but the closest anybody came to be actual doom idols was probably nIo-Destroy, the less said about that the better.

    • Honestly that doesn’t make sense “Bands fronted by idols” is no different than saying a band fronted by a girl. They already exist – once an idol is in a band she’s not an idol anymore (ofc she can have an idol image as can an actress, but they aren’t working as idols).

      You seem to apply your outside of Japan preference to the idol-scene and it doesn’t work, 99% of idol groups make no effort to appeal to westerners so why would they change things like you suggest?

      Also to make it clear, most idols cannot be considered artists. Being an idol is just a job and most girls that are in alt-idol groups didn’t even pick that specific genre rather they applied with an agency and was put in a group, might as well have been disco.

      People completely forget that that the guys behind these groups that are the real stars (or in some cases assholes), they get the idea to do alt-idol things not the girls.

      • By bands fronted by idols i mean, and i thought this would be obvious, that there would possibly be multiple girls and would also do idol type things that lead singers/frontwomen of bands would not usually do like choreographed dances.

        Also, my out-of-Japan preferences? I don’t think live music is something that is an “out-of-Japan” preference… Quite a number of Japanese people also seem to prefer it which is why idols sometimes hire backing bands.

        Good, interesting and unique music is also not something only people outside of Japan like.

        And if you are talking about my personal preferences… Well of course i fucking hope idol groups would cater to my personal preferences, why wouldn’t i?

        I do also happen to think that an idol group catering to my personal preferences would also be successful, but hey, i think that is probably all of us here… :p

        • The bands fronted by idols, does that mean types like Baby Metal? Do you know other examples? So far only Oyasumi Hologram comes to mind, who regularly perform their live shows with a backing band (that does record and write their songs). The girls though do hardly any stage choreography and more behave like “normal” front singers.

          Just an inquiry, as I really have no idea about it.

          I personally doubt that idols will ever become more extreme. At the end of the day, they are just that – idols. And I would doubt, that a real punk chick would be true to herself by exploiting money the idol way. (I guess. Not so acquainted with punk nor metal.)

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