You Don’t Even Need to Read This You’ll Melt More! Interview to Dig It

Cruising through the Japanese music media has its benefits. Yeah, you’ll be inundated with a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t idol (like bands!), but you’ll also be rewarded with things like this huge-ass feature on You’ll Melt More! that OTOTOY just put up.

Among the sales pitches for YMM’s big-ass catalog and live reports, though, there’s this interview. And while I can’t read it at all and you may not be able to, either, it’s worth running through Google or your translator of choice for cool little tidbits and, of course, a ton of awesome photography of Japan’s baddest alternagirls.

But that interview.

“Only You” is a magnificent song that I always do at the end of the live, but I did it for the first song.

[Maniac: Yes, it is magnificent]

Chiffon: After the first to bring the “Only You” for the first time to face long live four people, to became I visitor also Wow !!, here even though it was a mess because bumped feeling , Thinking that everyone is really facing the same direction at that time. I think that I gradually grew up on a tour that started with “Only You” first.

Did you have a drum experience with Keikon?

Kaechon: was Mecha struggled because it was not that I did at all. I can only move my hands and legs together. Since I used to be a recorder before, I used foot too … It was difficult, but it was a lot of fun to be able to do.

[Maniac: Heh.]

Go read the whole thing. If you’re in a translatory mood, please do feel free to hit us up with the high points. Also feel free to purchase those live DVDs and send copies to me.

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Even Need to Read This You’ll Melt More! Interview to Dig It

  1. I like when translators turn “metcha” into “hella,” and that’s how I always read it now 😛
    Speaking of machine translations and trying to discern the meanings of articles by just looking at the pictures, Ano is on the new Towa Tei album! And there’s a new Towa Tei album! …For all I know!

      • When we all get those Google self-driving cars, I’d hate to see what happens if they encounter a Japanese street sign!
        The (Bing) translator built into Twitter used to turn Hug Mii into HangMi sometimes. It made Momoko’s tweets seem even more unhinged.

        • I only let bing translate when I want a good laugh. I seen some crazy stuff from that translator. Dirty, Dark, Silly. I really need to keep up my studies so I don’t have to be a slave to these translators. Haha!

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