You Are Unprepared for How Loud This Album Is Going to Be

Oh, man, you guys. You guys! It’s been a while since we’ve really concerned ourselves with Cure, at least once upon a time the loudest damn idols in a very loud Osaka scene. But first adding a ton of members and then losing a crapton of them (including the terrifyingly adorable Kokeshi-chan) could have led one to believe that maybe the long-simmering-but-never-boiling Cure would only ever be what they already were.

But screw that. They’re putting out an album:

Thanks, Jason!

Why should you be interested in this? Because you presumably like idols who are loud, silly person, otherwise why are you here?* And if you aren’t familiar with Cure, here’s a nice intro:

Now imagine 13 tracks that have this as their loudness floor

God bless us, everyone.

*”Maniac is handsome” is an acceptable answer