You Ain’t Scene Nothing Yet!

Hands up who wants to see a new video of a pair of idols getting chased around by a pink hippo and playing cardboard instruments to an upbeat thrashy punk tune which then segues into something like listening to nursery rhymes on flu medication? Well, put your hands down again because this isn’t a “new video”, it came out six weeks ago and if you’re cooler than me, perhaps you may have already seen it.

What is new though is their second MV, for “MY NAME IS あんた?” (My Name Is You?), a slightly unsettling disco-pop number with a video whose plot is as unfathomable as the first one but seems to be a tale of chemistry (of the test tube kind), murder and chemistry (of the relationship kind) set in the back of a garishly furnished minivan.

So that’s Miki and Jon of シーン24 (Twitter) (which I was hoping romanised to Sin24 but Scene24 seems more likely, so we’ll go with that for now), a new idol duo who debuted in January.  Crazy videos and jolly tunes are always welcome around here so we look forward to more from these girls!

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