Yoneko Successfully Blurs The Lines Of What Does And Doesn’t Count As An MV

It’s always a good day when Yoneko releases a new music video!

Wait, does this even count as a music video? Sure, there’s video and music, but does it really count if it’s just the same visual over and over again? Answers on a postcard, please.

Still, I guess a lack of substantial visuals means that there’s more opportunity to focus on the song itself without distractions; oh, Yoneko, you’re a genius!

And as for the song, “My Old Friends Is Not Friendly”, it sounds drastically different to previous Yoneko tracks featured on Homicidols. That’s not saying much, because every Yoneko track has a notable change in sound from the  previous, but in general, her voice is much deeper, the instrumentals are more bare-bones than something like “Kasei no Koibito” (while at the same time not crossing into lo-fi territory like “Ryou wa de Ikite ne”). This might be surprising to a casual Yoneko follower, but if you’ve been listening to her soundcloud-exclusive tracks, then it sounds fairly par for the course from her recent output. The question is, does this mean that Yoneko has found her musical comfort zone, and we can expect all of her music to sound the same way from now on? Or, is this just another stage of Yoneko’s eternal metamorphosis?