Yes, You Apparently Do Want a Virtual Reality Headset as a Gift

I’ll be honest: I think VR, until it’s scaled up to something more akin to the Holodeck, is kind of hokey. I also need less “virtual” and more “awesome” in my reality. For this, though, I’d make an exception.

I was looking through Dots’ manager’s Twitter feed (a completely normal thing to do!) and noticed a third video release. Not on YouTube, mind you, but on this 360Channel thing.

And it’s exactly what you think it is!

You unfortunately need to click through to be able to watch; the videos don’t have an embed code and I don’t feel like trying to figure out if I can make it work from source. But you’ll be glad to be on that channel! In addition to two Dots videos, there’s stuff from You’ll Melt More! and BPM15Q and others, all shot in 360 and ready for VR.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pray to the dark gods responsible for this all happening. They clearly deserve our thanks.

6 thoughts on “Yes, You Apparently Do Want a Virtual Reality Headset as a Gift

  1. I have a VIVE- couldn’t put it down for 3 months straight, my mind was blown away by room scale, and then…… well…. nothing. No new software, no converted software, a handful of 360 videos (porn aside) I don’t know what the future was suppose to be for VR but aside from industrial use its kind of crawling to its death. I am praying Sony does well with that lower end PSVR so interest will spike again. I have seen a couple of the videos listed, if you grab with 4k downloader off youtube and use Virtual Desktop, they look interesting. not 3D mind you but still interesting.

  2. Google creeps me out- why are they so adamant about total integration? They seem to want to be “that” company to control the planet- I don’t want my ISP, phone, home security, etc all tied together. Oh sorry 🙂 I didn’t mean to start a whole other discussion. back to reality, I bought the PS4+ at launch just for Paragon and Tomb Raider. I may get a PSVR someday but Sony needs to prove they will stick with it (Remember Move?) I am very excited for Rev 2 off the VR revolution but the support need growth- I vote for a Momoclo VR concert experience 🙂 ok BabyMetal will work also.

  3. I don’t have time for video games these days but I did try out the “Resident Evil: Kitchen” on my friend’s PlayStation VR and it was freakin insane how the movement of your arms in the visual exactly matched your physical movement. Then he decided to play a joke and hit me right in my leg at the moment the zombie girl stabs you in the thigh with a knife (it’s more intense if you have been drinking beforehand lol).

    I can see VR becoming a huge thing the more they develop it. There is an Idolmaster Simulation that puts you in the audience from the perspective of a wota holding penlights and all. Now just imagine a Perfume experience with all the crazy visuals that they have during their lives. Final Fantasy is soon to release for it and there’s already talks about Grand Theft Auto VI being VR compatible. When that happens I might have to make some time for it haha.

    Here is the Idolmaster VR Simulation:

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