Yes, Ladybaby Will Live

They teased us a little bit a few days ago, but now it’s official:

One of you kids who’s a big Ladybaby followers, please and thanks with the explanation for the dates

That’s quite an overall departure from OG Ladybaby and even late-stage TIFKAL, maybe not musically but definitely in visual and tone. Frankly, good; the original Ladybaby sound and aesthetic worked because the whole thing was so damn ridiculous, but it got disjointed post-Beard. You can keep elements of the sound while still growing things up a little, no? That certainly seemed to be the trajectory as recently as last spring, after all.

Perhaps to square a circle that should make many people uncomfortable, I’ll just REMINDER on this one and point to this (even if the video was deleted). Coincidences are fun!

They’re (very smartly, because why) ditching the “idol formerly known as” BS and just simplifying things. And does anybody know if any of these members are with other groups? Near as I can tell, Nana’s a model, and the other two are from auditions, but that’s it.

Update: Here’s a helpful little thread from byul: