Yes, DEEP GIRL Is Still Alive

Of course, if you follow them on SHOWROOM or whatever, you’re well aware of the fact that the most benighted of all once-promising idol projects, DEEP GIRL, does in fact still engage in activities. They just don’t get up on stage so much.

However, if you’re more like me and you don’t SHOWROOM or CHEERZ or whatever because who has the time, any little proof of life is a good thing to get. So I offer:


It ultimately may have been kind of short-lived, though, as they immediately hung out with JyuJyu after, and that’s never a good thing:

They (or Riko, as the case may be) will also be doing that Idol Acoustic thing that might not be as fun without Non around anymore, but that’s fine:

And they’ve of course updated the members’ image:

So yeah, DEEP GIRL is still alive. Mostly.