Yes, Alloy, I’m Awake, Thanks

All right, now that those terrible, uncomfortable, awful, heinous things are behind us, it’s time to pick up the pieces. Hey, I know! Let’s … actually, forget going looking for action, because Alloy got us taken care of right here:

That’s “astronaut,” one of the promised singles from that absolutely epic amount of information that Alloy dropped last week. Bless them, this is basically exactly what I needed.

Since Guso Loss, I’ve been thinking more about where-are-we-now kinds of things. If the Class of 2012 left a handful of remarkable alums still dotting the idolscape, and if the Class of 2014 is basically down to its last legs, whither 2016? It’s obviously early on the To-Tell-O-Meter, but notables have emerged for sure, and maybe some idol culture turnover is what’s needed to give them a chance to thrive. I know that I’d be okay with the Alloys of the world stepping into niches that need filling, or being part of a next-generation cycle of growth.