Yeah, We Got the Takari Takara Song Too

With all apologies due to the good people at Codomomental Inc., while yes it is in fact the intention of Homicidols Dot Com to render completely void their attempts to impose short two-hour caps on the preview tracks released by the company’s artists, they must know that we do it out of love and a genuine desire to expose those artists to broader audiences outside of Japan. Timing is hard for people, even for us even under the best of circumstances, and it’s not like we profit from it, you know?

One thing we haven’t done before, I don’t think? Share the track a whole-ass day later. But, uh, it would be negligent — nay, disrespectful — of us to not share this preview/debut with the world, so, uh, let’s just drop all the pretense all the way. Takari Takara is the name, and very likely a familiar one to you. This is her not-quite-long-expected solo debut with Codomomental, and one that we here at Homicidols HQ have been eagerly anticipating. Yes it dropped under normal rules (also: yesterday!), so yes let’s follow the forms. This is how you connect with her:

And as for the song:

It’s here!


君はここに居ない でも僕はここに居て

天に投げかけた問い crying 今更、泣けないよ

あの日笑い合えた瞬間今この時は 続くことのないの、残夢
思い出す、望むことない終わり迎えた 赤と青が混じる夜の

ひとつ数を数え 目を開く時に
“居ない”と言う事実 願う弱さと狡さ

笑いかけ続けて ending 今なお、消えないよ

触れた指、伝わる冷たい虚無たちを 抱きしめることはできずに
閉じ込めて、他の誰にも届かないよう 誰かが紡いだ言葉を
重ねた 悪戯囁き



あの日出会う静寂と今手を繋ぐ 続いたまま離れられない
思い馳せ 届くことのない祈り胸に 繰り返し見る夢委ね

触れた頬、伝う暖かさ、その全てを 抱きしめてあげられるなら
喩え嘘、誓い信じる離さぬようにと 君へ言葉、紡ぎ続け
今でも祈るよ Lie is a Fact

Pretty good start! And not just for her own sake, but I’d like to see more Codomomental artists spin off into solo activities (milcboy notwithstanding). You might literally break syva after a while, but along the way you could plumb some pretty interesting creative depths, you know?