Yeah, New C-Style (Video)!

Pure Idol Heart sent me this whole smorgasbord of stuff, just about all of which is going to get some kind of treatment as time becomes available, but I wanted to call out this new MV from C-Style because, uniquely among legitimate chika veterans, this may be an established, fairly well-known group that would benefit from my 2018 resolution to elevate unknown idols more. I don’t post about them much because most of their activity is local, but I usually don’t hesitate at the moments when they’re easy to share.

What you should know about C-Style: They used to have many more members, they like to enter every meaningful idol competition, they are very traditional in the sense that they appear and perform dang near anywhere, the members’ spines are made of pipe cleaners, and they can rock out with the very best of them.

This is a new MV (because membership?) for a not-new song:

Idolcore is so weird sometimes, you guys

C-Style is one of those idol groups that you either don’t (or barely) notice, are into on principle or are into because they’ll slap you in the face after buppan; you can be some combination of the above, but you can’t be any multiple of those things equally at the same time, like Elvis vs. The Beatles. These challenges are probably brought into stark reality during the many, many, many lives that C-Style does vs. other idols, such as their recent gig with Necroma, or this one with Zekkyou:

Maybe this is the song that’ll personally take you over the edge toward fandom, though. I’ve always thought that C-Style should in particular satisfy a large number of Ladybaby and/or Alice Project fans; if that describes you, congratulations!