Yeah, Marionet’s on Fire

Yada yada 2018 reviews yada yada, you get it, I never shut up about this year being some kind of blood infusion for loudol, a statement loaded with dramatic irony after I spent a good chunk of 2017 wondering if the whole little movement hadn’t become passe. Hilarious! And it’s like 2018 is just rubbing it in right now with debuts (or pre-debuts, in many cases) just getting better and better, as proven by the about-to-launch Marionet, home of site favorite Hoshina Fumimi, who latest set off good feelings all over the place:

They can do no wrong! I think I still prefer this one, but what a pair to choose from, you know? Everything we’ve heard from Marionet so far has been at least baseline good, and of that kind of good that you don’t just want to listen to, but you can actively have fun listening to because then you start to bop, and then dance, and then look up pricing for springtime trips to Tokyo so that you can do these things in person and then fork over unfair sums of cash for a photo with Fumimi.

Idol, man!