Yeah, Another A.N.otheЯ!

Well if this isn’t just about the blastiest from the pastiest thing I’ve seen in a hot minute! Doop-dee-doop, there I was going through YouTube for some extra Weekender stuff, when … hello, what’s this? Why, it’s a new video from DUAL EYE! It’s … it’s A.N.otheЯ! But I– I th– Well what the hell man, let’s play the thing!

Bet you weren’t expecting straight-up idorock

What a nice song! That is … well yeah, it’s not at all what I expected. The A.N.otheЯ that I remember was loud metal stuff with a (frankly pretty bitchin’) concept of Luna going around and biting girls and turning them into members of the group. That project just kind of fizzled out, which does happen, but I guess in neither full nor earnest, for here’s Luna under the A.N.otheЯ byline singing her ass off to a pretty nice song. Neat!

Of course this necessitated a shot dive into what all A.N.otheЯ has been up to, and I stumble upon this, which feels like all of the education I need:

Things that I can discern:

  • A.N.otheЯ has in fact been active recently and I just missed it
  • There is a full album
  • There is in fact a single A.N.otheЯ member, as one would expect from all references above, but which is a luscious paradox that I cannot help but acknowledge
  • The zombie/vampire thing appears to have been discarded, which does call into question why to keep the name, but I also may be missing some details and am giving this barely an inch’s worth of researcch

Anyway, as always I encourage your investment in this oddball project, especially if your doing so means that you angrily send me messages about all of the things that I got wrong, in which you inadvertently set the record straight and everybody wins!