Yannderu Ame Is Now YAMIAME and Has a Lyric Video for You

I’m glad that this one got cleared up! So I’d been following the Idols Formerly Known as Yannderu Ame Etc. for a while, liking them enough to keep them on blast so I’d know for sure when they made announcements, added video, etc. And I noticed kind of recently that their Twitter bona fides are different, right down to the official account’s handle. And I thought little of it, because, well, I get kind of lazy sometimes.

That had me at “riffs”

That’s a really cool song! And it’s notably different compared to the last lyric video they put out, back when they were definitely still Yannderu Ame Etc. So …

Yeah, like a handful of minutes’ worth of looking around showed the goods: The group got a little bit of a reboot. I knew that they’d lost one member fairly early on, but they apparently lost another, because they’re still four, but with a different extra member, plus an updated look and, clearly, some update to their sound. I don’t even know where to begin trying to describe that, to be honest, considering the kitchen sink approach. Cool EMD beat! Also idol! Also riffs!

Anyway, the refreshed website and Twitter and also the person who I believe to be the new member. Good times!

2 thoughts on “Yannderu Ame Is Now YAMIAME and Has a Lyric Video for You

  1. A friend of mine is a big fan of them and told me that there was an arguement between the leader/songwriter Risa with some other member, hence the first quit the group. They are now on the search for a new member(s).

    I will probably have to check out the group on my next trip because of the aforementioned friend of mine, lol. In contrast to you I am afraid to be much too traditional though, not accepting rock guitars with electronic beats.

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